MARCH 2016: How Higher education is Getting More Affordable

MARCH 2016: How Higher education is Getting More Affordable

New SITTING, the PreACT, scandals, press announcements, acceptance text letters: March must have been a big month in the world of college admissions together with standardized tests! Let’s jump right on around.

#NewSAT? More like #ClownCollege

The New SAT was at last administered for the first time this month. The reaction? Students appeared to think that the mathematics section will be harder in comparison to the old SAT’s math part, but the crucial reading section is around the exact same or much easier than the older version. Individuals also concluded that it was a challenging and tiring test, yet according to a survey done by the College Snowboard, students desired the New POSED by a 4 to 1 difference over the old test. To read more student response and see a number of interesting research, check out the post we all did covering what pupils thought about the newest SAT.

The New Guitar player in Town: The exact PreACT

You might have perhaps heard of the very PSAT, which is actually a shorter variant of the POSED that young people typically take on during their sophomore year excellent for school. Right now there hasn’t been an equal version to the ACT nonetheless. This month BEHAVE Inc. introduced that they will be releasing the PreACT: a smaller version on the ACT for high school graduation sophomores to look at. Sound familiar? It appears quite clear that this ACT came up with test that will compete with typically the PSAT. Continue reading “MARCH 2016: How Higher education is Getting More Affordable”