Pen/ink/paper combination for archival page writing?

Pen/ink/paper combination for archival page writing?

The birth is being expected by me of my first couple of kiddies (twins, in the event you had been wondering just just how which was working) come july 1st. A very important factor them a letter on their birthday, to be compiled and delivered all together at some point in the future (18th b-day that I would like to start doing is writing each of? graduation? wedding?). The point should be to share using them my thoughts/advice/etc to their growing up. Ideally interesting for them in the long run, but truly great for maintaining me personally considering my objective in parenting.

So that the real writers website question is. exactly just exactly what pen/ink/paper combination could you recommend? One of the keys let me reveal longevity and design. The letters (paper and the ink about it) have to last 20+ years, even longer in the event that young young ones think such a thing of these. The writing has to be pleasant, too, since there would be significant psychological investment.

I am wide available to suggestions about this, without having any knowledge that is real of all of this would interact. At this time i am inclined toward a nib that is medium-ish pen with a vintage color ink (blue?) in either a log (Moleskine?) or good fixed paper (become compiled later).

Exactly what are your thinking? Has anybody done such a thing comparable?

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Sweet concept! If only my moms and dads had done that I would have cared about the advice they would have had to give me, but I always like looking at handwritten words!) for me(not that, at age 18,.

I simply like to inform you of ink. I doubt that any ink will fade very badly with the passage of as few as 18 years unless you leave the sheets in the open daylight. My hubby’s household has diaries authored by a grandfather nearly 100 years ago now plus they are excessively an easy task to read. Continue reading “Pen/ink/paper combination for archival page writing?”

The Ancient Maya writing . What exactly is unknown and known

The Ancient Maya writing . What exactly is unknown and known

The development of writing, mathematics, astronomy, stratified society, trade systems, etc. as a measurement of progression towards high culture over the years scholars have debated the question of what exactly the hallmarks of civilization are.

Many consider. ( A foolish argument, in my own judgement. By now everyone should know that true civilization is earmarked by hot showers and ice in your drink.) However the use of writing traditionally been considered a gauge for determining how far a civilization has evolved from more beginnings that are modest.

In the case of the ancient Maya that is certainly correct that their system of writing is hailed as one of the most memorable achievements of this Pre-Columbian New World. The ability to record information in relatively permanent records which may be passed on from one generation to another continuity that is insured the transmission of seasonal and astronomical data. Continue reading “The Ancient Maya writing . What exactly is unknown and known”

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